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Theal Therapy | Chelt Therapy | MHel Therapy | Tecar Therapy | AMSW Therapy

THEAL Therapy
  • The fastest and most effective laser therapy to support physiotherapy
  • Because it suits the unique characteristics of the patient.
  • Because it allows a wide range of pathologies to be treated.
  • Warranty 1 year and life time free labor service

CHELT Therapy
  • The effectiveness of THEAL Therapy combined with the benefits of Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy and Thermal Shock, integrated therapies that work together to offer latest generation treatments.
  • The unique synergistic combination of cryotherapy at -40°C and the patented E2C stochastic mode of THEAL laser therapy generates an enhanced analgesic effect.
  • Cryotherapy at -40°C limits blood extravasation and allows early instrumental investigations to identify the best therapeutic strategy and achieve rapid functional recovery. In addition, the correct dose that THEAL Therapy PBM brings to the tissues, anticipates rehabilitation and accelerates healing.
  • The nitrogen monoxide production of photobiomodulation causes vasodilation, while cryotherapy generates vasoconstriction: this vascular exercise accelerates the natural healing process.
  • Thanks to superficial vasoconstriction, the laser beam can continuously reach the deepest layers of tissue, thus achieving tangible results more quickly.
  • Warranty 1 year and life time free labor service

MHEL Therapy
  • It stimulates fibroblast proliferation with subsequent collagen production to rebalance the extracellular matrix and re-shape tissues.
  • It quickly reduces muscular, articular or neuropathic pain without any side effects, thanks to the innovative E²C emission mode that optimizes interaction with the peripheral nervous system.
  • Modulates inflammatory processes by triggering vasodilatation, increasing oxygen delivery to the affected tissues and activating a process of neoangiogenesis.
  • Modulates the release of oxygen from oxygenated haemoglobin, resolving topical problems of ischaemia and hypoxia to promote muscle fibre relaxation.
  • Stimulates neoangiogenesis and restores microcirculation by promoting the collection of excess fluid produced by inflammatory phenomena.
  • Warranty 1 year and life time free labor service

  • By stimulating the microcirculation and acting on free nerve endings, it rebalances the membrane potentials of nociceptors and blocks the painful sensation through the release of endorphins.
  • By stimulating the circulatory system and increasing blood flow, it collects catabolites and excess fluid,reducing edema, swelling and pain sensation.
  • By acting directly on trigger points in combination with massage, it promotes rapid vascularisation of connective tissue and ischaemic tissue to eliminate them.
  • Treats back pain and other painful conditions of inflammatory, osteoarticular and muscular origin very effectively, without side effects and with stable results over time.
  • By causing vasodilatation resulting in biostimulation, it eliminates the myofascial retractions by correcting postural vices, strengthens muscle tissue and restores the balance between agonist and antagonist muscles.
  • Warranty 1 year and life time free labor service

AMSN Therapy
  • AMSW Therapy stimulates fibroblast proliferation, thereby producing collagen to rebalance the extracellular matrix and remodel tissues.
  • Thanks to the innovative Swing emission mode and the high-frequency Ultra Soft Shot technology, the AMSW modulates the energy by optimising the interaction with the peripheral nervous system to quickly fight and reduce muscle, joint and neuropathic pain.
  • Through deep biological stimulation of the tissues, AMSW modulates inflammatory processes, triggering vasodilation, increasing the oxygen supply to the affected tissues and thus activating key metabolic activities.
  • AMSW helps modulate the release of oxygen from oxygenated haemoglobin. By introducing oxygen into contracted muscle tissue, topical problems such as ischaemia and hypoxia can easily be resolved by promoting the relaxation of muscle fibres.
  • AMSW Therapy is able to stimulate the phenomenon of neoangiogenesis in tissues. The production of neovases rebalances the haemolymphatic peristalsis in the post-trauma period, thus favouring the restoration of microcirculation and the collection of excess fluid produced by inflammatory processes.
  • Warranty 1 year and life time free labor service